Aigyssos (Dacia) 4 Tulcea - Αίγισσος

Αἴγισσος - Aigyssos, Getic town on Danube with Roman ruins, Tulcea, Romania

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

AEGYSSUS (Tulcea) Dobrudja, Romania. About 64 km E-SE of Galaţi, a Getaean settlement, conquered by the Romans. The name may be Celtic. Ovid mentions it as an old fortress, founded by a certain Caspios Aegisos, on the right side of the Danube, on a high, almost inaccessible hill. No archaeological excavations have been undertaken. The identification with modern Tulcea has been confirmed by an inscription mentioning a “vexillatio (a)egisse(n)sis.” Ruined Roman walls, two relief carvings (a Thracian knight and a funeral feast), and other chance finds are of interest. (PECS, I. BARNEA)


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