Downloadable Datasets

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Linked Open Data Files for use with appropriate attribution to ToposText

  • ToposText Places by place type, as .kmz (Google Earth compressed file), updated 2022 March 17: 1.3 MB .kmz file
  • ToposText Places as .kmz (Google Earth compressed file), updated 2022 March 17: 1.2 MB .kmz file
  • ToposText places as RDF turtles with Pleiades and DARE equivalences: Pelagios LOD gazetteer 4.7 MB
  • ToposText places download with citations from ancient texts (October 2020) in World Historical Gazetter format (?) json-ld: 9 MB
  • Pelagios VOID file 2 KB
  • ToposText text library, Dublin Core metadata file, 2020 October: Works List 1.0 MB

  • ToposText is pleased to share its data, trying to follow the models established by its partners in Pelagios Commons, a Digital Humanities initiative aiming to foster better linkages between online resources documenting the past.

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