Mediana/Naissum (Moesia) 28 Niš - Ναϊσσός

Ναϊσσός - Mediana/Naissus, Roman palatial villa excavaed near ancient town Naissus, modern Niš, Serbia
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Latitude: 43.310200
Longitude: 21.948900
Confidence: High

Greek name: Ναϊσσός
Place ID: 433219UNai
Time period: RL
Region: Moesia
Country: Serbia
Department: Nis
Mod: Niš

- Pleiades

Modern Description: Constantine the Great (280-337) was born and raised in Naissus. He erected a majestic residence nearby. After Constantine's death in 337, the imperial residence in Mediana was used by several other emperors. Julian the Apostate spent some time in Naissus on his expedition against Constantius II, at the end of 361. During his two-month stay, Julian wrote from Naissus long epistles to the Senate, to Athens, Corinth and other Greek towns, explaining his policy and seeking support. Valentinian's stay in Naissus in 364 is attested by several imperial edicts. The residence was erected on flat terrain, on an area which covers over 400,000 square metres, on a high bank, some distance from the river, at the foot of the hills which frame the Nišava Valley, near a thermal water source. There was a street in the east-west direction which passed on the south side of the villa with peristyle and the granary located 150 metres from it.
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Trismegistos Geo: 29637

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