Neapolis (Kavala) 25 Kavalla - Νεάπολις

Νεάπολις - Neapolis, Archaic to Roman polis, the modern city of Kavala, Macedonia
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Latitude: 40.934300
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Greek name: Νεάπολις
Place ID: 409244PNea
Time period: ACHR
Region: Macedonia
Country: Greece
Department: Kavala
Mod: Kavalla

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Modern Description: Most probably founded by Thasians around the mid-7th century BC in order to control the gold-bearing Pangaeum and the route towards Thrace. In the mid-5th century BC it joined the 1st Athenian League and maintained close ties with Athens until its capture by Philip II. In Hellenistic times and during the Roman era it served as the port for Philippi (Colonia Augusta Iulia Philippensis).
The nucleus of the ancient city was on the present Panaghia peninsula. At about the centre, within an enceinte of granite boulders, walls, hearths and some marble architectural members from an Ionic temple of Parthenos, the Hellenized version of the Thracian goddess Bendis (c. 500 BC), have been uncovered. The sanctuary already existed in the 7th century BC. Parts of the fortification wall (5th century BC) surrounding the peninsula were also found. Finds are exhibited in the Kavala Archaeological Museum.
In the Early Byzantine period Kavala was fortified by Justinian (527-565).
Wikidata ID: Q6984309

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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