Tragilos (Serres) 1 Aidonokhori - Τράγιλος

Τράγιλος - Tragilos, Archaic to Hellenistic settlement near Aidonokhori in Serres Macedonia

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

City in ancient Bisaltia, perhaps founded by Ionians from nearby Argilus. According to the excavation evidence, the settlement was destroyed by Thracian and Galatian invaders in Hellenistic times (3rd century BC) and abandoned.
Its earliest nucleus (late 6th century BC) is situated on a hilltop about 2 km NW of the village of Aidonochori. Among the excavated structures is a rectangular building of poros stone, building à (Gamma), perhaps for cult. An Archaic cemetery (6th century BC) with important local pottery wares and metal objects has also been investigated. The site is near a monastery of the Prodromos.


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