Parium (Mysia) 75 Kemer - Πάριον

Πάριον - Parium, Classical to Late Antique city of ancient Mysia, near Kemer Turkey, under excavation in 2014
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Latitude: 40.425700
Longitude: 27.067100
Confidence: High

Greek name: Πάριον
Place ID: 404271UPar
Time period: CHRL
Region: Mysia
Country: Turkey
Mod: Kemer

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Modern Description: A port of great strategic importance on the Hellespont between Lampsakos and Priapos. The city may have been founded by Parion, son of Jason, chief of the settlers of Erythrai; or by the mythic Parilarians, together with colonists from Erythrai and Miletos.
Parion enjoyed enviable prosperity because of its port; and once the kingdom of Pergamon was established, it came under the control of the Attalid dynasty. It passed to the Romans in 133 B.C. under the testament of Attalos III, and under Augustus must have been a flourishing center as the numerous coins coming from Parion designate the city Colonia Pariana Iulia Augusta. Strabo records a colossal altar constructed at Parion by Hermokreon; and we know that prior to 354 B.C. the sculptor Praxiteles executed a statue of Eros there. (N. BONACASA)
Wikidata ID: Q1411652

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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