Ouranoupolis (Chalkidike) 10 Nea Roda - Ουρανόπολις

Οὐρανόπολις - Sane/Ouranoupolis, Archaic and a Classical sanctuary, belonging to ancient Ouranopolis, excavated in 1999 SW of Nea Roda, Halkikidi
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Latitude: 40.376800
Longitude: 23.912000
Confidence: High

Greek name: Οὐρανόπολις
Place ID: 404239USan
Time period: AC
Region: Macedonia
Country: Greece
Department: Chalkidiki
Mod: Nea Roda

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Modern Description: The Andrian colony of Sane, founded in the 7th century BC and Ouranopolis, founded in the late 4th century BC, are both situated in the area of Nea Roda. A sanctuary dating from the Late Archaic to the Hellenistic period (late 6th-2nd century BC) is under excavation SW of the village. Outstanding among the movable finds are the terracotta statues of winged Nikai. West of Nea Roda is the canal cut through the narrowest part of the peninsula in 480 BC by the Persian king Xerxes.

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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