Spartolos (Halkidiki) 15 W Khalkidiki - Σπάρτωλος

Σπάρτωλος - Spartolos, unlocated Classical polis in W Halkidiki Macedonia

Modern description YP

Spartolos was a city in Bottike. At the beginning of the War of Peloponnese it was a member of the Athenian League. In 432 the Bottiaians revolted against the Athenians and won a battle against them outside Spartolos. During the 4th century Spartolos was a member of the Chalkidian Federation. Spartolos is identified with a site near Nea Syllata where a settlement and a cemetery dating from the Archaic and Classical period were excavated. Another settlement 3km from the supposed site of Spartolos was occupied continuously from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period.


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