Dardanos (Turkey) 139 - Δάρδανος

Δάρδανος - Dardanos, Archaic to Roman settlement in the Troad (Turkey)

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

City in the Troad, in the coastal plain of the Kalabakli cay. The site is on a low hill (Mal Tepe, Sehitlik Batarya) which controls the coast road, as Strabo says (13.1.28), 70 stadia (13-14 km) S of Abydos. It was a member of the Athenian League, paying one talent; at some point in the Hellenistic period it was transferred to Abydos (Strabo) but in 190 B.C. was liberated by Rome (Livy 37.9; 37; 38.39). Roman Imperial coinage. In the 19th c. some Greek vases were found here. Recent excavations have yielded tiles and sherds of the 8th c. B.C. to the 2d c. A.D., but no trace of walls. A Hellenistic tumulus 1 km to the S has also been excavated. The finds are in the Canakkale museum. (T. S. MACKAY)


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