Aphytis (Halkidiki) 16 Aphytos - Άφυτις

Ἄφυτις - Aphytis, Archaic to Roman polis near Aphytos in Halkidiki Macedonia

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

Founded by Eretrian colonists in the 8th century BC. Renowned for its oracle of Zeus Ammon (5th century BC until the Roman era).
Remains of the sanctuary with a Doric temple (second half of 4th century BC) have been revealed on the shore at Kallithea (or Maltepe). The buildings in which pilgrims assembled were also found. A second sanctuary, of Dionysos and the Nymphs, SW of the previous one, is earlier. A rock-cut stairway and a cave with stalactites -- as yet unexplored -- have been discovered. Apollo Kanastraios was worshipped here. The complex of sanctuaries was probably destroyed by Theodosius II (4th century AD) and the Early Christian basilica built on the site.


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