Torone (Chalkidike) 80 Toroni - Τορώνη

Τορώνη - Torone, Archaic to Roman coastal polis, modern Toroni, Halkidiki Macedonia
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Latitude: 39.976400
Longitude: 23.901300
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Greek name: Τορώνη
Place ID: 400239PTor
Time period: ACHR
Region: Macedonia
Country: Greece
Department: Chalkidiki
Mod: Toroni

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Modern Description: Excavations on the rocky Lecythus (Lekythos, Kastro) peninsula by the Australian Archaelogical Institute have brought to light traces of habitation from the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) and remains of houses from the Early Iron Age (11th-8th century BC).
The ancient city was founded by Chalcidians from Euboea. It was captured by the Macedonians in 348 BC and by the Romans in 168 BC.
Torone had two acropoleis. On one, Kastro, there were fortifications with a Hellenistic gateway, while on the other, Vigla, Classical (5th-4th century BC) and Early Hellenistic (3rd century BC) walls are visible. Ruins of Classical and Roman houses were also found on Vigla.
A cemetery with cremation burials (11th-8th century BC) has been excavated, important because of the coexistence of local Macedonian pottery and imported Protogeometric vases from Euboea. The finds are housed, and some displayed, in the Polygyros Archaeological Museum.
Ruins of an Early Christian settlement near the Byzantine fortress of Lekythos, with three basilicas and a cemetery. The basilica of Saint Athanasios, the only one extra muros of the ancient city, was perhaps an episcopal church. Built on a man-made mound in the marsh, the synthronon in the holy bema and a mosaic pavement in the middle aisle (probably 6th century) have survived.
Wikidata ID: Q1638072
Trismegistos Geo: 12126
Manto: 8253998

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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