Homolion (Thessaly) 20 Lapsokhori - Ομόλιον

Ὁμόλιον - Homolion, Archaic to Late Antique settlement near Lapsokhori in Larisa Thessaly

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

City in ancient Magnesia, on the borders with Macedonia, built in a strategic position for controlling the Vale of Tempe. It flourished mainly during the 4th century BC. Came under Macedonian rule in 352 BC.
The ancient city is located near the modern village of Laspochori (Dereli). A low enceinte and the city walls are preserved on the rocky acropolis, where an apsidal temple similar to that at Gonnus has been excavated (Archaic and Late Classical terracotta tiles in the Volos Museum) and the remains of the theatre are visible. Graves of the Geometric (10th-8th century BC) and Classical (5th-4th century BC) periods. An ancient bridge in quite good condition 1 km W of the village. A strong defensive wall (4th century BC) has also been discovered on the Dapi Rachi hill. The settlement lived on into Early Byzantine times.


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