Passaron? (Ioannina) 12 Megalo Gardiki - Πασσαρών

Πασσαρῶν - Passaron?, fortified acropolis on Kastri hill of Megalo Gardiki NW of Ioannina, capital of the Molossians
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Latitude: 39.710300
Longitude: 20.765900
Confidence: High

Greek name: Πασσαρῶν
Place ID: 397208PPas
Time period: CHR
Region: Epirus
Country: Greece
Department: Ioannina
Mod: Megalo Gardiki

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Modern Description: The hill Megalo Gardhiki above Rodotopi is crowned with a circuit wall ca. 1500 m long, built at various periods, which scholars have identified with Passaron. [Late Ottoman fortifications as well]. This site controlled the route leading from the plain of Ioannina to the upper Kalamas valley. Foundations of a 4th c. BC temple excavated on the lower slopes of Gardiki near Rodotopi was thus identified as that of Zeus Areios. However, recent excavations in and around the castle of Ioannina show a large fortified settlement and official inscriptions there, making it another strong candidate for Passaron (articles by Georgia Pliakou). .
Wikidata ID: Q2055889
Trismegistos Geo: 37904

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