Hamaxitos (Troad) 22 Beşik tepe - Αμαξιτός

Ἁμαξιτός - Hamaxitos, Archaic to Classical coastal town on hill WNW of Gulpinar, Ayvacik, Turkey
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Latitude: 39.539000
Longitude: 26.094000
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Ἁμαξιτός
Place ID: 395261UHam
Time period: AC
Region: Troad
Country: Turkey
Mod: Beşik tepe

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: The length of the crest (north-south) is over 400 m., the breadth about 180 m. Faint traces of a circuit wall can be discerned on the east side and on the south-west. We were told of a deep well on the hilltop. There are traces of ancient habitation below the crest, especially at the north end. We noted on the site a fragment of fourth-century tile and numerous classical sherds, including Chian and Thasian wine amphorae. Among our glazed samples Mr. Sparkes remarked fragments of Attic cylices and a bell crater; these, together with the non-Attic black glaze, he assigns to the fifth and fourth centuries, with nothing of a later date. We found a little striped ware and a fair amount of grey (mostly pale and probably earlier archaic); among the latter are bits of a trefoil-lipped jug, a large bowl, a mug, and a kantharos. Some of this pottery should go well back into the seventh century, if not to the eighth. On the evidence of the surface pottery this site, like that of Larisa, could have been more flourishing in the fifth century than in the fourth; but the point is not one to be pressed. It seems to have been unoccupied in prehistoric times and again after the fourth century B.C. The correspondence between this site and those of Larisa and Colonae is perfect. There seems to be no other archaic or classical site in the region, and the identification of Besik Tepe as Hamaxitus can be considered certain. (Cook p. 231)
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamaxitus
Wikidata ID: Q4822608
Trismegistos Geo: 34748

Info: Cook 1973

J.M. Cook, The Troad : An Archaeological and Topographical Study (OUP 1973)

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