Chrysa (Troad) 16 Göztepe - Χρύσα

Χρῦσα - Chrysa, Possible site of Hellenistic Chrysa, with the Homeric site at Gulpinar near the Smintheion, Ayvacik, Turkey
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Latitude: 39.521300
Longitude: 26.082900
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Χρῦσα
Place ID: 395261UChr
Time period: H
Region: Troad
Country: Turkey
Department: Canakkale
Mod: Göztepe

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: We found that the promontory is not much more than 100 m. across. We saw a number of squared stones along the edges as though from a circuit wall, and others on the summit; and we later learned that there is a cistern on the site. There were fragments of Hellenistic tile on the ground and potsherds of Hellenistic types including early red-glaze ware. The site would therefore seem to have been occupied into later Hellenistic times. This would have been a fine situation for a garrison post. With Hamaxitus now fixed at Besik Tepe, the identification of the Göz Tepe site presents no problem. Strabo (xiii. 604, § 47) speaks of , and goes on to say that it is at this Chrysa, as opposed to the one beyond Antandrus, that the Smintheum is. To this we may add the inscription copied by Leaf and Hasluck at Kulahli, in which οι εν Χρύση πολείται (citizens, that is, of Alexandria Troas) honour a phrourarch. The site at Göz Tepe must be this Hellenistic Chrysa. (Cook p. 232)
Wikidata ID: Q1088486
Trismegistos Geo: 56281

Info: Cook 1973

J.M. Cook, The Troad : An Archaeological and Topographical Study (OUP 1973)

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