Vlochos - Limnaion? (Thessaly) 3 Vlokhos - Βλοχός

Λιμναίον - Limnaion?, Fortified city on Strongylovouni hill and S foot, Vlokhos in Karditsa Thessaly
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Latitude: 39.510100
Longitude: 22.088100
Confidence: High

Greek name: Λιμναίον
Place ID: 395221ULim
Time period: ACHRL
Region: Thessaly
Country: Greece
Department: Karditsa
Mod: Vlokhos

- Pleiades
- IDAI gazetteer ID

Modern Description: A 2016-19 research project by the Swedish Institute and others has focused attention on a fortified settlement on Strongylovouni hill just south of Vlokhos, Karditsa. Scholars have suggested it might be ancient Phakion or else Limnaion, a city mentioned by Livy alone among ancient authors; it is attested on no known coins or inscriptions. A decorated early Classical sherd and Roman coins, along with distinct fortification walls and magnetometry results showing a street grid plan prove the existence of a substantial walled Thessalian town at the S foot of the hill, with a later Roman phase and an EC church on the summit.

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