Photike (Thesprotia) 4 Ag. Donatos - Φωτική

Φωτικὴ - Photike, Roman to Late Antique settlement, Ag. Donatos in Thesprotia Epirus

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

Identified by inscriptions (CIL III, Suppl. 2. 12299), it is N of Paramythia in S Epeiros. A city of Roman and Byzantine times stood on the watershed between the Acheron valley and the Thyamis valley. Its predecessor of Greek times, situated above Paramythia, was strongly fortified then and later (Procop. Aed. 4.1.34); there are remains of ancient walls, gateways and rock cuttings, which indicate a circuit wall ca. 2100 m long. (N.G.L. HAMMOND)


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