Actian Apollo (Akarnania) 147 Aktio marina - Άκτιον

Ἄκτιον - Apollo Aktios, temple excavated since 2009, Aktio marina in Aitoloakarnania West Greece
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Latitude: 38.950900
Longitude: 20.768300
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Greek name: Ἄκτιον
Place ID: 390208SAkt
Time period:
Region: West Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Aitolia-Akarnania
Mod: Aktio marina

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Modern Description: Apollo was considered by the Corinthians as the god that led their colonial expansion. Therefore, his cult was present in all their colonies, including Anaktorion. Athletic competitions in honor of the god were taking place there, already during the Classical period, if not earlier. In 425 BCE when Akarnanians occupied Anaktorion they adopted the cult of Apollo Aktios. In 216 the temple of Apollo became the federal sanctuary of the Akarnanians. When Augustus built Nikopolis after the naval battle of Aktion, he enlarged the sanctuary and dedicated to it 10 ships of his adversary. Apollo Aktios became the protector of the new city. In 1867-68 C. Champoiseau the French consul in Ioannina explored the sanctuary. Near the site of the temple Ali Pasha of Ioannina built a fortress, and material from the temple was used for the construction of the fortress of Punta. In 2009 the partly submerged remains of the temple of Apollo were uncovered behind a yacht-storage yard. The foundations are covered but elements of the early temple under the Roman restoration can be discerned.

Info: YP

(Dr. Yannis Papadopoulos, with the support of the Laskaridis Foundation.)

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