Echinos (Phthiotida) 26 Akhinos - Εχίνος

Ἐχῖνος - Echinos, Classical to Late Antique polis above Akhinos in Phthiotida Central Greece

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

The acropolis is located on a height in the N part of the village of Achinos, on the border of ancient Malis and Phthiotis. Two towers, an entrance and sections of the wall of the Classical fortification (4th century BC) still stand to a great height. There is a Roman heroon with crypt.
An episcopal see in the 5th and 6th centuries. Fortified anew during Justinian I's reign (6th century) but suffered damage in the 551 earthquake. N of the village there are remains of fortifications (probably 6th century) built with ancient blocks in secondary use. Early Christian architectural members of marble. At Perivolaki remains of an Early Christian single-aisled basilica dedicated to Saint Athanasios, with fragments of a mosaic floor.


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