Thyrreion (Akarnania) 12 Thyrio (Ag. Vasilios) - Θύρρειον

Θύρρειον - Thyrreion, Classical to Roman polis, near Thyrion, formerly Ag. Vasilios in Aitoloakarnania West Greece
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Latitude: 38.854900
Longitude: 20.980900
Confidence: High

Greek name: Θύρρειον
Place ID: 389210PThy
Time period: CHR
Region: West Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Aitolia-Akarnania
Mod: Thyrio (Ag. Vasilios)

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Read summary reports on the recent excavations at Thyrreion in Chronique des fouilles en ligne – Archaeology in Greece Online.
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Modern Description: The ruins of ancient Thyrreio lie on the northern flanks of Mt. Perganti, 12km. from Vonitsa. The city had two harbours, one at Echinos near Loutraki and its territory reached Anaktorio to the west. The city was probably a Corinthian colony and later was the capital of the Acarnanian League. In the 3rd -2nd cent. B.C., Thyrreio was very active, until the Romans destroyed it after their victory at Aktio and moved its population to Nikopolis. Among the remains of the ancient city one can see parts of the fortification, ruins of private houses, part of a paved road, ruins of a temple, as well as parts of the city's cemeteries. The fortification is very well preserved, its perimeter -10km.- being the longest in Acarnania and one of the longest in Greece. It was built in the 5th cent. B.C., incorporating 6 towers at its northeastern side and, probably, one gate at the southwestern side. The acropolis, at the northern part of the city, was separated by a dividing wall, reinforced by 8 square towers. The acropolis was built in the 4th cent. B.C., probably as a result of the population's inability to defend the vast outer fortification.
Chronique des Fouilles link
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Info: Patras University

(Monuments of Aitoloakarnania and Achaia, 2003, University of Patras)

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