Orobiai (Euboea) 5 Rovies - Ορόβιαι

Ὀρόβιαι - Orobiai, Archaic to Roman polis, acropolis at Proph. Ilias hill W of Rovies, Euboia, Central Greece
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Latitude: 38.816900
Longitude: 23.224300
Confidence: High

Greek name: Ὀρόβιαι
Place ID: 388232POro
Time period: ACHR
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Evvoia
Mod: Rovies

- Pleiades
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Modern Description: The new coast road northwest from Limni to Aedipsos, reaches Roviés after 10 km, set back behind a wooded shore of great beauty near to the site of ancient Orobiai which, according to Thucydides (PW. III. 89), was destroyed by a seismic tsunami in 426 BC. The centre is dominated by the mediaeval Frankish tower built by Guillaume de Villehardouin, Prince of Achaea, between 1255 and 1258, during his successful war against the Venetian lords of the island. The tower – now disfigured by concrete additions – was a possession of the Benaki family in recent times. From Roviés a pleasant loop can be made into the forested landscape of the interior in order to visit the 19th century Monsatery of Hosios David Gerontos which is a much-frequented centre of local pilgrimage and has wall-paintings which were executed in the first years of this century. A loop can be made via the gorge and waterfalls of Drymona, returning once again to Roviés, via the picturesque village of Kokkinomyliá.
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orobiae
Wikidata ID: Q15696476
Trismegistos Geo: 61209

Info: McGilchrist's Greek Islands

(From McGilchrist’s Greek Islands, © Nigel McGilchrist 2010, excerpted with his gracious permission. Click for the books)

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