Naryx (East Lokris) 14 Rengini - Νάρυξ

Νᾶρυξ - Naryx, Archaic to Late Antique polis, home of Locrian Ajax, probably at Ai Gianni in Rengini, Phthiotida Central Greece
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Latitude: 38.714400
Longitude: 22.710500
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Νᾶρυξ
Place ID: 387227PNar
Time period: ACHRL
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Fthiotida
Mod: Rengini

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: A city in the E part of the region known chiefly as the site of the cult of Ajax Stammheros. It was destroyed by the Phokians in 352 B.C. during their war against Boiotia, but was rebuilt perhaps as early as 335 B.C. and survived at least until the time of Hadrian. An inscription found in excavating a late temple at Haghios Joannis, below the mediaeval castle of Rengini, has fixed the location, thought by Bursian to be the predecessor of Pharygai at modern Mendenitsa. The Classical city, which had an outlet to the sea at Thronion, would have commanded the route from N to central Greece. There are a few visible remains of the Roman and Christian periods, with traces of Hellenic walls on the E slope of the acropolis. (M. H. MCALLISTER)

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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