Agrinion (Aitolia) 4 Vrakhori - Αγρίνιον

Ἀγρίνιον - Agrinion, Classical to Medieval polis near Vrakhori in Aitoloakarnania West Greece

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Agrinion might have been founded by the Aetolian tribe of Agrinians. The city became prosperous during the 4th and 3d century BCE. According to ancient sources king Kassandros of Macedon synoecised the Acarnanians in Agrinion in 314, but soon the Aitolians conquered the city. The site of Agrinion is identified with Megali Chora (Zapandi), 3km on the northwest of the modern city. There are remains of a fortified settlement, with the most ancient remains dating from the 4th century BCE. Excavations uncovered houses and a 75m long portico with bases of statues in its front. Some scholars identify Agrinion with ruins in Paliokastro/Spolaita.


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