Manika exc. (Euboea) Manika - Μάνικα

Manika, Early Bronze Age settlement and cemetery at Manika, Euboia, Central Greece
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Latitude: 38.498000
Longitude: 23.626000
Confidence: Medium

Place ID: 385236FMan
Time period: NBC
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Evvoia
Mod: Manika

- Pleiades

Modern Description: The main shore-road north from Chalcis leads through an unattractive commercial area which blends seamlessly with Nea Artaki. Just short of Nea Artaki (at 4 km) a left turn leads down to the shore beside the promontory of Mánika. The flat, projecting tongue of land – or island, as it was then – the gentle shoreline and fertile land behind, constitute a familiar configuration of geography for early settlers. Although there is little to see here, this was the site of an important Early Helladic settlement (3rd millennium BC), the finds from which are to be seen in the Museum in Chalcis (Room 1). Archaeological examination has centred on the neck of the tongue of land, but the extension of the settlement spread considerably inland.
Wikidata ID: Q17011932
Trismegistos Geo: 34093

Info: McGilchrist's Greek Islands

(From McGilchrist’s Greek Islands, © Nigel McGilchrist 2010, excerpted with his gracious permission. Click for the books)

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