Akraiphiai (Boeotia) 47 Akraifnio/Karditsa - Ακραιφίαι

Ἀκραιφίαι - Akraiphiai, Archaic to Late Antique walled polis above Akraifnio (Karditsa) in Viotia Central Greece
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Latitude: 38.451170
Longitude: 23.222640
Confidence: High

Greek name: Ἀκραιφίαι
Place ID: 385232PAkr
Time period: ACHRL
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Viotia
Mod: Akraifnio/Karditsa

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Read summary reports on the recent excavations at Akraiphiai in Chronique des fouilles en ligne – Archaeology in Greece Online.
Search for inscriptions mentioning Akraiphiai (Ακραιφ...) in the PHI Epigraphy database.

Modern Description: The ancient town was settled from the 8th century B.C. onwards until the Roman and Byzantine periods.
The Acropolis of ancient Akraiphia lies south of the modern village Akraiphion, on Skopia hill. Preserved is part of the fortification walls of the Hellenistic period comprising a pentagonal tower with its gate. Ancient blocks and inscriptions were used in the construction of the church of St. George.
The Acropolis of ancient Akraiphia has not been excavated except of a small research undertaken by Y. Garlan and published in the Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique, v. 1974.
The acropolis is signposted. To reach the ancient gate and tower, follow the road leading past Ag. Giorgios church to its end. Continue up the hill, bearing uphill to the right to reach a view kiosk. From there, a faint trail runs S and then E to the preserved section of the S and E walls.
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acraephia_(Boeotia)
Wikidata ID: Q15394073
Trismegistos Geo: 15775
Manto: 10274679

Info: Odysseus

(Odysseus, Greek Ministry of Culture)

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