Lysimacheia (Aitolia) 6 Lysimacheia - Λυσιμάχεια

Λυσιμάχεια - Lysimacheia, Archaic to Roman walls in scrub around Ag. Nikolaos chapel S of Lisimachia Aitoloakarnania West Greece
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Latitude: 38.530000
Longitude: 21.335600
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Λυσιμάχεια
Place ID: 385213ULys
Time period: ACHR
Region: West Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Aitolia-Akarnania
Mod: Lysimacheia

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Modern Description: The site of Lysimacheia has been determined by Bolte (RE s.w. Hydra 6 [1914] 50-51 and Lysimacheia 1 [1927] 2552-2554),15 the premier topographer of those who wrote for the RE. Hydra is an early name for Lake Lysimacheia (Strabo In a brief parenthesis in the Muller Handbuch, Geographie und politische Geschichte des klassischen Altertums (1889) 139, Lolling identified the kastro, later providing a sketch and description in his unpublished Urbaedeker, used by Bolte. A description of the walls is given by Bolte in the Lysimacheia article (2553.58-2554.9). The ruins are situated in the hills by road over three kilometers south of the modern village of Lysimachcia (formerly Mourstianou), which is located on a road connecting Angelokastro with the Agrinion-Messolongi highway, continuing on to Papadates. This road runs along the southern edge of Lake Lysimacheia. Directions to the ruins can be obtained by inquiring for the chapel of Ayios Nikolaos, situated within the walled area. The city occupied a position between two ravines on the cast and west, the one on the east being particularly deep. The walled area rises steeply to the south. A bulldozer, in making an s-shaped tractor road through the site, has disturbed the walls. The site has been completely neglected and the walls are overgrown with many tall trees. The eastern wall with towers is well preserved at the ground level. We ascended along this wall southwards for more than four hundred meters locating two square towers, but could not reach the southeastern comer. The impressive remains are deserving of a thorough study. (W.K. Pritchett, SAGT VI, 1989)

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