Ozolian Lokris region (Phokis) 122 S Phokida - Οζόλαι

Ὀζόλαι - Ozolian Lokris, ancient region and people in Phokida Central Greece
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Greek name: Ὀζόλαι
Place ID: 384222ROzo
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Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Fokida
Mod: S Phokida

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Modern Description: In central Greece, on the N shore of the Gulf of Corinth, extending from the W section of the Gulf of Krisa to beyond the promontory of Antirrhion to Mt. Taphiassos (Klokova). To the E it borders on the i(era\ xw/ra of Delphi, to the NE on Doris, and to the N and W on Aitolia. It is a narrow coastal strip roughly 60 km long, varying in depth from about 30 km to the E to about 10 km yet father E. In the literary texts its inhabitants were given the general name of Ozolian Lokrians, but in official documents they were also called Lokrians of the West, which simply related them to their kindred Opuntian Lokrians from whom they were separated by Phokis. Some modern scholars have considered this separation of the two branches of the Lokroi the result of a Phokian invasion. Yet there is no ancient tradition linking the Ozolians to the territory of the Phokians, and it is preferable to claim, with the ancients, that the Ozolians came from E Lokris. As late as the 5th c. colonists were sent from Opous to Naupaktos.
From the literary texts and from inscriptions we know of many West Lokris toponyms and ethnic names. But the only ancient toponym that has survived in situ is Naupaktos (whence Italian Lepanto). The name Myania lasted until 1580, when it gave way to the modern Agia Efthymia. Everywhere else the ancient names were replaced by Slavic names; then later an effort was made to eliminate these by substituting either completely new names (Haghioi Pantes instead of Vidavi, Panormos instead of Kisseli, Monodendri instead of Kolopetinitsa) or neo-Classical ones, sometimes correctly (Amphissa for Salona) or hypothetically (Eupalion instead of Soules), sometimes erroneously (Tritea for Kolopetinitsa, Tolophon for Vitrinitsa). Fresh epigraphic discoveries and the close study of known documents have made it possible for some sites to be identified.
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozolian_Locris
Wikidata ID: Q4894785
Trismegistos Geo: 38175
Manto: 10274729

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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