Krounoi (Aitolia) Vomvokou - Κρουνοί

Κρουνοί - Krounoi, Classical to Roman sanctuary of Asklepios near Bouttos, Longa near Vomvokou in Aitoloakarnania West Greece
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Latitude: 38.439700
Longitude: 21.832500
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Κρουνοί
Place ID: 384218SKro
Time period: CHR
Region: West Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Aitolia-Akarnania
Mod: Vomvokou

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: The cult of Asklipios was transferred to the region of Naupaktos from Epidaurus. The area of Krounoi was probably chosen because the nearby water torrent served for the purification of the pilgrims. One of the most important finds of the sanctuary are the liberation inscriptions that mainly date from the 2nd century BCE. The slaves were symbolically sold to Asklepios thus being liberated from their bonds to their earthly masters. The sanctuary was built in a plateau over a water torrent with dimensions 13x9 meters. In the western, eastern and northern side there are remains of walls built in pseudo-isodomic masonry.

Info: YP

(Dr. Yannis Papadopoulos, with the support of the Laskaridis Foundation.)

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