Pyrgaki tower/Keressos? (Boeotia) 6 Askri - Πυργάκι

Κερησσὸς - Pyrgaki/Keressos?, 4th century BCE square tower and circuit walls (Keressos?) on Pyrgaki hill W of Askri
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Latitude: 38.327240
Longitude: 23.074200
Confidence: High

Greek name: Κερησσὸς
Place ID: 383231FPgk
Time period: GCH
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Viotia
Mod: Askri


Modern Description: To the W of the site of ancient Askra rises a high peak marking the landscape of the valley. The hilltop is called Pyrgaki because of the presence of an ancient fortification. A watchtower of the typical S Boeotian style (mid-late 4th C BC – Fossey 1988: 142-3) and a surrounding circuit probably earlier in date (possibly in existence since Geometric period) are to be noticed on the top. LH material has also been found on the hill (Fossey 1988: 143 from earlier accounts, supported by Boeotia Survey project data – Bintliff 1996b). The hilltop could have been in use as a fort (or fortified settlement) since that period, though the position is quite elevated and steep compared to the usual location of known LH forts in the region. Pyrgaki site could be identified with ancient Keressos, mentioned in Plutarch (Camillus 19) and Pausanias IX 1-4. (Farinetti)
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