Dekeleia (Attica) 85 Tatoi - Δεκέλεια

Δεκέλεια - Dekeleia, ancient deme of Attica located at Tatoi
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Latitude: 38.151000
Longitude: 23.794000
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Greek name: Δεκέλεια
Place ID: 382238DDek
Time period: CHR
Region: Attica
Country: Greece
Department: East Attiki
Mod: Tatoi

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Modern Description: One of the twelve cities that under Theseus gave up their autonomy to form a new state with Athens as capital (Philochoros: FGrHist 328 F 94), Dekeleia remained a deme in Classical times. It was situated 120 stades from Athens (Thuc. 7.19.2), on the road that led to Boiotia around the E end of Mt. Parnes (Hdt. 9.15). In the Peloponnesian War it was captured by Agis in 413 B.C., walled, and remained a Spartan stronghold until the defeat of Athens in 404 B.C.
The city has long been associated with the ancient remains at Tatoi, on the SE slopes of Parnes, within the grounds of the once royal estate. From here, particularly in the area of the farm buildings, have come walls, pottery, sculpture, and inscriptions, one of which (IG II2 1237) is concerned with the phratry of the Demotionidai established at Dekeleia.
Immediately S of the farm buildings is the wooded hill called Palaiokastro, its flat top now used as a cemetery for the Greek royal family. It was once a fortified enclosure, with a circuit totaling more than 800 m of rubble wall. Much of the foundation course remains in situ but is not generally accessible. Because of its location and size, this fortified height has been rightly identified as the site of Agis's camp. (C.W.J. ELIOT)
Wikidata ID: Q1006561
Trismegistos Geo: 52453

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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