Panakton (Attica) 26 Panakto - Πάνακτον

Πάνακτον - Panakton, Classical to Hellenistic fort and Frankish tower above Prasino (ex-Kavasala), Viotia
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Latitude: 38.184100
Longitude: 23.505900
Confidence: High

Greek name: Πάνακτον
Place ID: 382235FPan
Time period: CH
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Voiotia
Mod: Panakto

- Pleiades
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Modern Description: A fort on the N flank of Mt. Kithairon on the frontier between Attica and Boiotia, up a signposted dirt road from Prasino village in the Skourta plain (ex-Kavasala). The summit is crowed by a tower of the Frankish period. The fort measures ca. 300 m around. Inside are the remains of two towers joined by a wall (6th c. ?). The fort dominates the Skourta plain, through which runs the road from Athens to Thebes by way of Phyle. It was partly excavated in the 1990s by Mark and Mary Lou Zimmermann Munn. In clearing the gateway and other buildings, they found Athenian ephebic inscriptions that essentially confirmed the identification with Panakton. The site was abandoned after the Hellenistic period, but resettled during the Frankish period, with a church with two grave monuments as well as the tower and other structures.

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