Kreusis (Boeotia) 45 Paralia Livadostras - Κρεύσις

Κρεῦσις - Kreusis, ancient harbor town of Boeotia , Livadostro, Viotia Central Greece
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Latitude: 38.208020
Longitude: 23.110310
Confidence: High

Greek name: Κρεῦσις
Place ID: 382231UKre
Time period: BACHRLM
Region: Central Greece
Country: Greece
Department: Viotia
Mod: Paralia Livadostras

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Modern Description: Paralia Livadostra is a beach hamlet (cantina) with a mostly dry river, the Rema Livadostras, probably the ancient Oeroe that flowed by Plataia. On the W side of the beach is a substantial 4th century BCE fortress that overlooked an ancient river port, now unusable. Gate, ancient roadway, towers, and a later (?) circular platform on the summit (for artillery?). Classical through Roman sherds. On the E side of the beach, a rocky hill, Sizi, is crowned by a ruined Frankish tower. A spring flows below it, and there are sherds from prehistoric to medieval times. The main river channel currently, and the medieval harbor basin, would have been here.
Kreusis was the harbor and market outlet for Thespiae and the closest harbor to Thebes on the Corinthian gulf. A bronze statue known as the Livadhostro Poseidon, now in the National Museum, was found in the sea off nearby Haghios Vasilios at the end of the 19th c.
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