Rhypes sanct. (Achaia) 22 Trapeza - Ρύπαι

Ῥύπαι - Rhypes, Archaic to Hellenistic temple, and acropolis of ancient Rhypai, at Trapeza near Koumari, Aigio, Achaia

Modern description Patras University

The archaeological site of Trapezà lies 8km. southwest of Aigion, between the villages Koumari and Chatzi, east of Meganitis river. The site occupies a plateau (at an altitude of 448m.) between two hills, the western one being fortified in antiquity. This was the access point to the ancient city, substantial parts of which came to light in 1995 as a result of trial excavations. The site has been tentatively identified with the ancient city of Rypai, though the matter remains open. The epicenter of the city is a large Doric temple, built on an imposing plateau. The temple measures 31,56x16,72m., thus making it a 'hecatompedos' (100 feet long) and was probably built at the and of the 6th cent. B.C.
Circular building
At the centre of the Agia Triada monastery enclosure lies the so-called circular building, a conical vaulted structure, built in the corbelled system (5.2m. in diameter and 6.2m. high). The monument has two entrances, north and south. N. Moutsopoulos has identified it with the Gaion, sanctuary of Gaia, as mentioned by Pausanias. The identification has been disputed, though, because Pausanias mentions that the sanctuary was east of Krathis river, while the monastery lies to its west. Ruins of various buildings can be seen scattered around the monastery, possibly being parts of an ancient sanctuary.


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