Leipsydrion? fort (Attica) 8 Korakofoleza hill - Λειψύδριον

Λειψύδριον - Leipsydrion, 4th c. BCE rubble fortification with towers, Korakofoleza hill (580 m.) on Mt. Parnitha Attiki
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Latitude: 38.128460
Longitude: 23.723860
Confidence: High

Greek name: Λειψύδριον
Place ID: 381237FLei
Time period: AC
Region: Attica
Country: Greece
Department: West Attiki
Mod: Korakofoleza hill

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: A rubble fortification with towers, located on the S flank of Mt. Parnitha atop Korakofoleza hill (580 m.) N of Acharnes/Menidi. It has been associated, arbitrarily, with a fort, Leipsydrion ("lacking water"), where Herodotus says the Alkmeonides took refuge in 513 BCE. The pottery and roof tile scatter suggests a 4th c. date . The walls, about 2 meters thick, are preserved to a height of ca. 1.2 m. There is no trail, but game trails make the ascent from the dirt road (165 m, .5 km, 30 minutes) relatively straightforward. Excellent views, no obvious strategic purpose.
Wikidata ID: Q17584316
Trismegistos Geo: 60775

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