Parthenon Athena temple (Athens) 62 Acropolis - Παρθενών

Παρθενὼν - Parthenon of Athens, Great temple of Athena on the Acropolis of Athens, Attiki
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Latitude: 37.971500
Longitude: 23.727100
Confidence: High

Greek name: Παρθενὼν
Place ID: 380237SAth
Time period: CHR
Region: Attica
Country: Greece
Department: Athens C
Mod: Acropolis

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Modern Description:
[Judith Binder: Parthenon: Temple completed in 432 B.C.: IG I³ 436-451; SEG_40 19 (1990); Paus. 1.1.2, Paus. 1.24.5, Paus. 1.24.8, Paus. 1.37.1, Paus. 5.11.10, Paus. 8.41.9; represented on imperial bronze coins, 3rd c. A.C., Price, J. M. and B L. Trell 1977, 68 fig. 133, 78 with fig. 133; Orlandos, A. K. 1977, 3 vols.; Korres, M. and C. Bouras 1983, 171-197 (bibliography); The Parthenon and Its Impact in Modern Times, P. Tournikiotis ed., Athens, 1994, 1-365; see Chr. Mon. CM11*; Part II no. 357 (original cella colonnade fragments found in foundations of the 5th c. A.C. in the Agora Excavations)
Parthenon: the “Kleisthenic Parthenon” project, ca. 508 - ca. 490 B.C., designed as a poros limestone temple for which only the foundations were built, M. Korres, “The Architecture of the Parthenon,” in Parthenon 1994, 56, fig. 3; blocks quarried in Peiraeus for the abandoned project of the Peisistratid Olympieion used for the foundations, Korres M. 1997, 236-240, 242 “Plan (nach Einstellung der Arbeiten am Olympieion)”; M. Korres, «Όλυμπιείον,» Anthemio, January 1999, 27]
Wikidata ID: Q10288
Trismegistos Geo: 57044
Manto: 8188821

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