Academy Gymnasium (Athens) 6 Akadimia Platonos - Γυμνάσιο

Gymnasium, Large Roman period gymnasium complex with courtyard, Academy of Plato
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Latitude: 37.991100
Longitude: 23.708200
Confidence: High

Place ID: 380237BGAP
Time period: R
Region: Attica
Country: Greece
Department: Athens C
Mod: Akadimia Platonos

Modern Description:
[Judith Binder: Akademia, Hekademeia: Akademia: Pl. Ly. 203 A (Sokrates' walk from the Academy directly to the Lykeion on the ring road circling the City Wall); Paus. 1.29.2 + 1.30.1-3 (large district containing gymnasium and sanctuaries); Plu. Moralia 603 B (small privately owned property where Plato, Xenokrates and Polemon lived and taught); properties privately owned in the Academy in the 2nd c. A.C., IG II² 2776 lines 89, 149, 186; for a republication of this inscription with commentary, see Miller, S. G. 1972, 67-95]
Trismegistos Geo: 364

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