Nisaia (Attica) 77 Pachi - Νισαία

Νισαία - Nisaia, Archaic to Roman port of Megara, fortified acropolis on Ag. Giorgios hill above Pachi, Megara in Attiki
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Latitude: 37.976400
Longitude: 23.364000
Confidence: High

Greek name: Νισαία
Place ID: 380234UNis
Time period: ACHR
Region: Attica
Country: Greece
Department: West Attiki
Mod: Pachi

- Pleiades
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Modern Description: Nisaia was the port of Megara, now silted up, lying between the hill of Ag. Giorgios (E.) and the W hill, with a medieval castle, which was once the island of Minoa just offshore. Nisaia was linked to Megara by long walls; it was regularly fought over by Athens and Megara. The hill of Ag. Giorgios is reachable by a passable dirt road from E of Pachi. The locked chapel sits atop a large circular platform, possibly an ancient altar/sanctuary, that would have been a useful beacon for sailors. The classical fortifications extend from just W of the chapel, following the ridge E, of good rubble construction and square towers. They are easily followed for several hundred meters, turning N, where a closed interior fort can be found. The N wall has disappeared. Note that the hill overlooks a military airfield, the reason Google Earth is pixillated out on this spot. Do NOT point your camera at the helicopters below.

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