Halimous (Attica) 17 N Ag. Kosmas - Αλιμούς

Ἁλιμοῦς - Halimous, ancient deme of Attica located N of Ag. Kosmas

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The centre of the ancient deme was located on a peninsula, the Kolias Akra, known from the naval battle of Salamis (480 BC). Halimus was the birthplace of the historian Thucydides.
Remains of an Early Christian three-aisled basilica (5th-6th century) were found on the hill of Agia Anna, along with traces of an ancient building identified by the excavators at the Thesmophorion. Most of the ancient remains were obliterated by German gun emplacements during WWII. Traces of an ancient theatre were discovered in the 1980s on the lower slope.


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