Kraneion (Korinthia) 17 grove near Corinth - Κράνειον

Κράνειον - Kraneion, ancient grove and EC basilica, outside Ancient Corinth in Korinthia Peloponnese
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Latitude: 37.904600
Longitude: 22.894700
Confidence: High

Greek name: Κράνειον
Place ID: 379229SKra
Time period: CHR
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Korinthia
Mod: grove near Corinth

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Modern Description: This ancient suburb of Corinth lay to the east of the city near the line of the city wall. Here Pausanias saw the tomb of Diogenes the Cynic of Sinope. Nearby, the grave of the famous courtesan Lais was surmounted by a statue of a lioness with a ram in her fore paws. There were also sanctuaries of Bellerophon and Aphrodite Melaenis. The name Kraneion may have been a corruption of “Karneion” which has led to discussion that it took its name from Karneus, a son of Zeus and Europa and that, like the Spartans, the Corinthians celebrated the Karneia festival. Several small excavations have taken place in the area. Sites excavated include a cemetery and Christian basilica at the Kenchreian Gate, the Justinianic Wall and several graves dating to the Classical period. The Kraneion Basilica resembles the Lechaion Basilica but at a much smaller scale. It lacks an atrium but does have a baptistery on its north side. It is a cemetery church with ample evidence of vaulted brick built cist graves over a large area to the south and west. Within burial monuments have been added to and access the aisles. A complete Sigma Table was found in the cemetery to the south. The date of this basilica is considered to be 6th century and the lamps, pitchers and coins in the graves indicate that burial continued well into the 7th century.

Info: Corinth Excavations

(Corinth Excavations, American School of Classical Studies,

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