Imbrasos R. (Samos) 15 Imbrasos - Ίμβρασος

Ἴμβρασος - Imbrasos, river, the modern Imbrasos in Samos, Aegean
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Latitude: 37.666400
Longitude: 26.884200
Confidence: High

Greek name: Ἴμβρασος
Place ID: 377269WImb
Time period:
Region: North Aegean
Country: Greece
Department: Samos
Mod: Imbrasos

- Pleiades
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Modern Description: What is called the ‘Kambos Choras' today is a wide and fertile, south-facing plain between the mountains and the shore. It is watered by the streams that run off from the mountains to the north (Mt. Ambelos, 1153m) and west (Mt. Bourniás, 778m)—principally the Imbrasos ‘river' at the western end, and the Kaláthi, to the east; today these are only seasonal streams, but in early Antiquity they probably flowed more constantly. The mountains protect the plain from the north winds and create a micro-climate ideal for cultivation.
Wikidata ID: Q27902974
Trismegistos Geo: 54187
Manto: 10270726

Info: McGilchrist's Greek Islands

(From McGilchrist’s Greek Islands, © Nigel McGilchrist 2010, excerpted with his gracious permission. Click for the books)

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