Pyrgos (Triphylia) 13 Ag. Elias - Πύργος

Πύργος - Pyrgos, Archaic to Hellenistic polis of Triphylia, near Ag. Elias in Eleia Peloponnese
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Latitude: 37.411700
Longitude: 21.693300
Confidence: Medium

Greek name: Πύργος
Place ID: 377214UPyr
Time period: ACH
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Ileia
Mod: Ag. Elias

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: Worked blocks and fineware pottery near the church of Agios Ilias have prompted survey archaeologists to identify the modern village of Agios Ilias south of Zacharo with Pyrgos, the southernmost city of Triphylia.
Wikidata ID: Q60790692
Trismegistos Geo: 38171

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