Anthene (Arkadia) 6 Kato Doliana? - Ανθήνη

Ἀνθήνη - Anthene, Classical to Roman settlement on Tsiorovos hill 3 km NNW of Kato Doliana, Arkadia Peloponnese
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Latitude: 37.453800
Longitude: 22.676000
Confidence: Low

Greek name: Ἀνθήνη
Place ID: 375227UAnt
Time period: CHR
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Arkadia
Mod: Kato Doliana?

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: A prehistoric settlement on Cherronisi. On the long coastal hill of Anthene, the settlement of historical times with a harbour that controlled the route S to Cynuria and Praseae. A fortified enceinte with towers (5th-4th century BC) and a Byzantine repair. The acropolis is on the highest point, where the church of Saint Andrew now stands.
Wikidata ID: Q16483470

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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