Iasos (Caria) 67 Asınkalesi - Ίασος

Ἴασος - Iasos, Iasos was Greek city in Caria. in Asia Minor

Modern description Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

The prehistoric settlement developed on a cape with a safe harbour and good access to the hinterland. A cist-grave cemetery of the Early Bronze Age (3200-2600 BC) with more Cycladic elements than local ones. An important Middle and Late Bronze Age settlement (2000-1100 BC) with notable architectural and other finds of Minoan and Mycenaean civilization.
In historical times Iasus was a colony first of the Argeians and later of the Milesians. From the 9th-8th century BC it was surrounded by a defensive wall, of which the Hellenistic phase survives. The architectural remains visible today date from the Hellenistic period (agora, bouleuterion, theatre), with repairs made during Hadrian's reign (AD 117-138). Ruins of Roman houses (mosaics) and a tower at the entrance to the ancient harbour. SE of the theatre a Medieval fortress.
An episcopal see in the 5th century. Six basilicas have been excavated. A three-aisled basilica opposite the Balık Pazarı, the so-called 'basilica by the east gate', perhaps an episcopal church (5th century). The basilica in the agora (6th century), larger than that on the acropolis, incorporated in its structure an Early Christian martyrion (perhaps 4th century), built beside a Roman pagan naiskos. Remains of marble and mosaic pavements preserved in the basilicas. Early Christian graves.
The finds are exhibited in the İzmır Archaeological Museum.


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