Selge (Pisidia) 37 Altınkaya - Σέλγη

Σέλγη - Selge, Archaic to Late Antique polis in Pisidia (SWTurkey)
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Latitude: 37.229000
Longitude: 31.127000
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Greek name: Σέλγη
Place ID: 372311PSel
Time period: ACHRL
Region: Pisidia
Country: Turkey
Mod: Altınkaya

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: In the high valley of Eurimedon, at the W extremity of the Taurus chain (Strab. 12.570). Its political boundaries were: to the W the territory of Sagalassos, to the S that of Aspendos, and to the E that of Katemna. Very little is known of its earliest history. It is certain that the city was settled by Lakedaimonian colonists, and that it was not subdued by the Persians. Because its independence was threatened, Selge sided with Alexander against Sagalassos and Termessos when the king rose up against Phrygia (Arr. Anab. 1.28.1). Its government, composed of fierce and tenacious mountaineers (Pol. Hist. 5.75), opposed Achaios, the kings of Pergamon, and finally the Goths (Zos. 5.15).
The ruins of ancient Selge consist of the remains of an encircling wall and an acropolis (Kesbedion), the structures of the theater, and scanty traces of the stoas, the agora, the gymnasium, the stadium, and a basilica. Barely recognizable are outlines of two temples. The theater is the best-preserved building. Rebuilt in the 3d c. A.D., it is noted both for its stateliness (diam. 104 m) and for its striking setting between two hills. Outside the perimeter of the walls are the remains of an aqueduct and several chambered tombs, situated to the N and S of the city. (N. BONACASA)
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Trismegistos Geo: 2112

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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