Therapne (Lakonia) 49 SE Sparta - Θεράπναι

Θεράπναι - Therapne, Archaic to Roman settlement near SE Sparta in Lakonia Peloponnese
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Latitude: 37.073600
Longitude: 22.534000
Confidence: Low

Greek name: Θεράπναι
Place ID: 371225UThe
Time period: ACHR
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Lakonia
Mod: SE Sparta

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: A Mycenaean citadel (14th-12th century BC) with a building constructed in three phases and probably palatial in character.
A country town (kome, êώìç) of the Achaeans, perhaps identified as the Sparta mentioned in the Homeric epic. On what was perhaps the site of a prehistoric peak sanctuary, a sanctuary of Menelaos and Helen was founded in the Geometric period, where the couple were worshipped as gods. Remains of two terraces with rectangular embankments, the one enclosing the other (6th and 5th centuries BC). A ramp leads to the foundations of a small rectangular temple (naiskos) in their interior.
Wikidata ID: Q15940498
Manto: 10082248

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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