Pargasa/Bargasa (Caria) 4 Gokbel - Βάργασα

Βάργασα - Pargasa/Bargasa, Classical to Roman settlement in Caria (Aegean Turkey)

Modern description Princeton Encyclopedia

City in Caria, almost certainly at Gokbel near the coast, 29 km E of Bodrum. The city figures (as Pargasa) in the Delian Confederacy, usually paying 500 dr., and can have been only very small. From Strabo (656) it appears that it should be W of Keramos and close to the sea; at Gokbel, which is 18 km W of Keramos, there is a small citadel on a rocky hilltop, with a wall of rough masonry and sherds of archaic and Hellenistic date. A fragmentary Hellenistic city-decree was found here, proving the existence of a polis, and on the shore nearby another fragment referring to sacred harbors. (G. E. BEAN)


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