Physkos (Caria) 8 Marmaris - Φύσκος

Φύσκος - Physkos, Classical to Late Antique settlement in Caria (Aegean Turkey)
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Latitude: 36.863100
Longitude: 28.276900
Confidence: Low

Greek name: Φύσκος
Place ID: 369283UPhy
Time period: CHRL
Region: Caria
Country: Turkey
Mod: Marmaris

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Modern Description: The most important deme in the Rhodian Peraia, belonging originally to Lindos. An acropolis on the height of Asar Tepe, N of the present town. On a hill to the S of the town, walls of Classical and Hellenistic times.
Wikidata ID: Q6090071

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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