Methone (Messenia) 38 Methoni - Μοθώνη

Μοθώνη - Methone, Classical to Roman settlement at Methoni in Messenia Peloponnese
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Latitude: 36.817000
Longitude: 21.705000
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Greek name: Μοθώνη
Place ID: 368217UMot
Time period: CHR
Region: Peloponnese
Country: Greece
Department: Messinia
Mod: Methoni

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Modern Description: A town on the site of Homeric Pedasos at the SW tip of the Messenian peninsula. A mole, first built in the 2d c. A.D., reinforced the bar which runs out to the rocky islet of Mothon and protects the natural harbor; the islet is now occupied by the ruins of a mediaeval fort. There are ancient blocks in the town wall on the side toward the harbor as well as in the foundation of the bridge which provides the only approach from the land side. The acropolis was more than 2 km to the E. Pausanias reported seeing a Temple of Athena Anemotis and a Shrine of Artemis, as well as a spring of water mixed with pitch, but none of these has been identified. Marble fragments and coins from the area attest to the continued existence of the town and its status as a free city in the time of Trajan. In 1962, some of the many wrecks off Methone were investigated by underwater archaeologists; the material brought up by the divers was taken to the Pylos museum. (See also under Shipwrecks.) (M. H. MCALLISTER)
Wikidata ID: Q998805

Info: Princeton Encyclopedia

(Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, from Perseus Project)

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