Kyrros (Syria) 26 Kyros - Κύρρος

Κύρρος - Kyrros, crossroads city of Syria and capital of Kyrrestike, NE of Zaytunak, north Syria
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Latitude: 36.744200
Longitude: 36.959000
Confidence: High

Greek name: Κύρρος
Place ID: 367370UKyr
Time period: HRL
Region: Syria
Country: Syria
Department: Aleppo
Mod: Kyros

- Pleiades

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Modern Description: Possibly there was a city here before Alexander at an important crossroads between Antioch, Zeugma, Samosata and Beroea. The capital of the eponymous region of Kyrrhestike is known from the earliest days of Seleucid rule. It is mentioned by Ptolemy as Κύρος (Syria Coele 13) and by Hierokles with the alternative name of ‘Hagioupolis’. The site is still known as ‘Kuros’ but there is no modern settlement; it lies in Syria but only a couple of kilometers from the border with Turkey. Much of the ancient city is still visible including walls, a theatre and a tower tomb. The site was visited by Chapot and Cumont, and later studied by Frézouls. In the 420s Theodoret was bishop and contributed very actively to the development of Christian doctrine. Saints Cosmas and Damian were buried there and the cathedral was consecrated to them. There are two ancient bridges still in use. Despite its distance from the main scene of warfare between Rome and Persia in the sixth century it was refortified by Justinian, who also built a secret channel to ensure its water supply. According to a letter from its bishop Theodoret to the praetorian prefect, its territory was 40 miles long and 40 wide. (Comfort
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