Stadia (Caria) 1 Datça - Στάδια

Στάδια - Stadia, Roman to Late Antique settlement in Caria (Aegean Turkey)
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Latitude: 36.742200
Longitude: 27.648300
Confidence: Low

Greek name: Στάδια
Place ID: 367276USta
Time period: RL
Region: Caria
Country: Turkey
Mod: Datça

- Pleiades

Modern Description: At Emecik ruins of buildings and traces of defensive walls attest most probably the existence of a city in the area. At Burgaz in the area of Mount Maltepe, near the village of Hizirşah, are ruins of fortifications, terraces and buildings (5th century BC and later), as well as an Archaic tumuli cemetery. At the site of Dalacak is a fortified enceinte of Classical times. At Iskele there is most probably a Hellenistic sanctuary. On the road from Datça to Tekir, fortifications, terraces for rural installations, a late Hellenistic inn, ruins of buildings, enclosures, graves, an aqueduct. In the area of Mount Boz Dağ a fort and cemetery with built tombs above ground, of the Roman era, belonging to new Cnidus (Tekir). S of the mountain is the so-called Lion Tomb of the early 4th century BC (the colossal marble lion is nowadays in the British Museum, London). On the hill NW of the village of Kumyer (where there are ancient ruins) a fortified enceinte of Classical-Hellenistic times; inside it and at its highest point is a second enceinte with remnants of ancient buildings and traces of Archaic habitation. Remains of ancient buildings in the bay of Tekir too.
Wikidata ID: Q65061417

Info: Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean

(Archaeological Atlas of the Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean)

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